The Tracks4Crafts Project Shines at The Skillman International Forum 2023
Riga 26–27 September 2023

The Tracks4Crafts project took centre stage at the Skillman International Forum 2023, embodying a forward-looking approach to preserving and promoting traditional craftsmanship. In a world increasingly focused on technological advancement, it's easy to overlook the value of traditional crafts and heritage. However, Track4Crafts emerged as a trailblazer, advocating for the relevance and integration of these skills into the modern world.

The forum provided a platform for Track4Crafts representatives to lead a workshop on "Future-oriented heritage approach in Europe." This workshop delved into the concept of preserving and nurturing traditional crafts while adapting them to meet the needs and challenges of the future.

The Skillman International Forum 2023, under the theme "The Planet of Skills: Renewed Perspective on Networking Potential," was a pivotal event held in Latvia in partnership with the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science. This forum, part of the European Year of Skills, was a collaborative effort involving Europea Latvia, the European Training Foundation, and the Asian Development Bank.

It was a dynamic gathering that recognized the importance of skills in a rapidly changing world. The Tracks4Crafts project stood as a shining example of how traditional crafts and heritage can be adapted and integrated into the global skills landscape. By advocating for a future-oriented heritage approach in Europe and highlighting the potential of global networking, this project demonstrated that preserving the past can be a pathway to a brighter and more sustainable future.
The forum's focus on green and digital transition, as well as innovative approaches, ensures that the skills of the past remain relevant and invaluable in the world of tomorrow. Active citizenship is at the heart of this vision, where every qualification has a role to play, and microcredentials are key to meeting the emerging skills demands. The event was a celebration of skills, collaboration, and the power of adapting the past to build a better future.

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