Pilot 3 

Bokrijk (Belgium)



About Bokrijk

Crafts Campus Bokrijk has 3 pillars for transmitting craftsmanship: 
OpenAir Museum, focused on the preservation, restoration and (re)construction of craft techniques related to the historical buildings on its site. Visitors are invited to experience craftsmanship firsthand through demonstrations of traditional and contemporary techniques and workshops in which they are introduced to basic techniques in five crafts. 
VAKlab, a center of expertise and services on craftsmanship and entrepreneurship that guides craft makers, students and entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas and developing crafts knowledge into a value for the economy.  
Craftsmanship and Heritage, the platform for historical and contemporary craftsmanship in Flanders.


  • Design a toolbox for documenting, sharing and activating ICH  of craftsmanship in the Flemish ecosystem .

  • Collaborate with the network of the Association of European Open  Air Museums (AEOM), to experiment with  business modeling and better integrate TCK in the business model of museums, validate  and optimise their role as places where TCK is safeguarded, transmitted and made  accessible.


  • Toolbox, website and database of audiovisual material with practical examples

  • New exhibition space in museum on craftsmanship, concerning wicker work

  • Business model roadmap for open-air museums


  • A ‘wicker work’ experiment for using new technologies to  transmit the TCK. With the support of a videographer and with expertise from UA, the experiment  will explore AR/VR/AI  in transmitting TCK and to explore the added  value of these new technologies in the transfer from generation to generation.

  • Implement the outcome of the wicker work case in the museum as part of their museum  program/exploitation.