Pilot 4
Onl'fait  (Switzerland)



About Onl'fait 

Onl’fait is an open Fab Lab that offers technical, technological and human resources for digital craftsmanship. It provides professional and amateur craftspeople with the necessary tools for repairing, creating, developing and conceiving a prototype of product, supporting circularity in the economy and embedding crafts skills in the urban fabric. Onl’fait shares its site with a large community of craftspeople working with traditional techniques, offering the potential for bringing together and mutually informing traditional techniques and digital fabrication. 


  •   Experiment with different learning formats to support craftspeople to think and work in a transdisciplinary way 

  • Collaboration with local stakeholders in the economic sector to launch a program supporting new crafts in the Geneva region 


  • Build bridges between traditional techniques in woodworking and digital fabrication

  • Develop concepts such as circular economy, digital craftsmanship, distributed design, open source and open hardware, heritage and urban manufacturing, waste, repair, and prototyping


  • A hybrid mentorship system will be offered and tested, in which different models cross-pollinate and local industries, new artisans and vocational schools are bridged.