Pilot 7
MX3D (The Netherlands)

          3D METAL PRINTING 


About MX3D

MX3D is an Amsterdam-based company that revealed the potential of robotic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). By combining a well-known process of robot welding with 3D printing knowledge, large-scale 3D metal printing becomes more flexible, faster and cheaper. WAAM technology allows high-quality localised production of metals and related materials, and the resulting workpieces can be welded together with manual welding technologies. Hence it requires expertise and training in a hybrid set of crafts knowledge, including traditional skills and embodied knowledge of metalworking but also digital craftsmanship related to digital modelling and process preparation. WAAM shows how TCK enhanced with new types of craftsmanship can have a specific value to urban transformation and shows how craft can be used in high-tech industries


                                            • Map and evaluate different learning methods within MX3D and other suppliers

                                            • Training and experimentation with different target groups in collaboration with design students from the Antwerp Design Factory

                                            • Start digitalization of know-how

                                            • Engage with stakeholders (Universities, Customers and other identified WAAM users) 

                                            • Functional tests to  evaluate the overall objective accomplishment


                                            • New training formats in WAAM-based 3D printing of metals.

                                            • New instruments for the certification of crafts knowledge and skills, e.g. micro-credentials in WAAM training (with MX3D and Antwerp Design Factory as a launchpad for skill-sharing).

                                            • Demonstrators to inspire TCK-enhancement by contemporary crafts


                                            •  Training will be accessible to crafts people, designers and engineers.

                                            • A consolidated training format  that fits different target groups

                                            • Formalisation of the notion of the WAAM designer as a craft, which requires training and knowledge.