Modernizing Heritage
Product Development Students Blend Tradition with Digitization at BOKRIJK

A selection of master students from Product Development at the University of Antwerp recently ventured into the historical realm of BOKRIJK Open-Air Museum to master the age-old craft of wickering.

Guided by seasoned experts, they immersed themselves in this traditional art, delving deep into its intricacies.

What made this educational expedition unique was the students' ingenious approach.
After mastering the craft, they transformed into teachers, creating engaging video tutorials to pass on their newfound knowledge to fellow peers. This innovative blend of ancient techniques and modern technology showcases the new age’s adaptability and heralded a specific track in heritage preservation and digital education.

Professor Jouke Verlinden hailed it as a remarkable fusion of tradition and experimentation, charting a path for the future of preserving crafts through education.

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