T4C at the Biennial International Conference  for the Craft Sciences 2023

Julie De Groot (University of Antwerp - Belgium) and Clara Vecchio (Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne - France) represented Tracks4Crafts at the  Biennial International Conference for the Craft Sciences 2023 in Mariestad, Sweden.

Craft Sciences refer to a unity of research conducted in different craft subjects.
The Biennial International Conference for the Craft Sciences aims to expose the breadth of topics, source material, methods, perspectives, and results that reside in this transverse field. The conference provides a platform for communicating craft research beyond the borders of faculties and disciplines.

Tracks4Crafts was presented in the form of a poster and attracted a lot of enthousiam. The conference was organised by The Craft Laboratory, a national center for crafts, and a platform for craftspeople to document and develop knowledge in their crafts, and the Department of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg's Science Faculty

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