Tracks4Crafts @ the Ambacht in Beeld Festival

On the 30th and 31st of March, Tracks4Crafts has been represented at the Ambacht in Beeld Festival in Brussels.

Semne Cusute organised a workshop for visitors to learn how to make Romanian embroidery and understand the meaning behind these sewn signs.

Sewn Signs (Semne Cusute) are a visual, universal language used by women to encode information, express their status and their vision of the world. Embroidery is communication in style. The needle & thread, and the embroidery techniques are something we all could learn, no matter of age, gender, religion or ethnic background – being so much related to math and geometry.

Ian Garcia (UA – Product Development) together with Bokrijk organised demo’s based on the experiments they are performing for T4C. Visitors were invited to try to make origami only by instructions through an VR environment, or learn more about the use of technology to safeguard wickerwork.

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