Crafting Connections: Insights from Our Field Research in Blönduós, Iceland!

During the first two months of this year, Prof. dr. Annick Schramme and Laura D’hoore conducted a field research that has unveiled the profound connection between craftspersons and Iceland's rich cultural heritage. These artisans are not merely creators; they are custodians of tradition, weaving together history, landscape, and values into every masterpiece (see photo’s @ the Rúnalist Galleri).

From locally sourced materials like Icelandic wool to passing down ancient techniques through generations, they ensure the continuity of craft knowledge while fostering a vibrant sense of community in workshops and studios.

The craft sector in Iceland is embracing sustainability. Organizations like the Icelandic Textile Center (see photo’s) exemplify the fusion of tradition and modernity, emphasizing sustainability and collaboration as the cornerstones of the craft sector's future.

Our research sheds light on the need for enhanced support. Recognition is pivotal for sustaining and promoting this sector effectively. Challenges in the craft education and changing societal perceptions underscore the urgency for awareness and skills transmission. Through the efforts of organizations like the Icelandic Textile Center and the Icelandic Handicraft Association, traditional crafts continue to thrive, ensuring their legacy for generations to come.

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