Crafting the Future
Conference on the Future of Crafts

Great participation at the conference organized as part of the Horizon Europe Tracks4Crafts project, held on Monday, April 29, at the Teatrino Lorenese in the Fortezza da Basso, Florence.

The day began with a presentation by Floriana Folisi, Human Capital Development Expert at the European Training Foundation, on the publication “Crafting the Future: Five Squared,” which explores the five pillars of training the artisans of tomorrow in Europe.

During the round table, discussions covered knowledge transmission, the workshop-school systems of the Tuscany Region, innovation and digital support for generational transition, IFTS experiences, and new frontiers to help craft enterprises carry knowledge and quality into the future.

We thank all the speakers:

Gabriele Grondoni - Head of Apprenticeship and Internships, Tuscany Region
Valerio Cantafio Casamaggi - Director of Economic Activities and Tourism, Municipality of Florence
Alessandro Monti - Director of the Foundation for Research and Innovation, University of Florence
Giovanni Crisonà - President of the Skillman network
Viola Emaldi - Art historian, curator, and expert in ceramic sector training (coordinator of ITS and IFTS Ceramic Technician, Faenza)
Alice Rizzetto - Upskill 4.0.

At the end of the meeting, certificates from the 2nd CALL 4 CRAFT were awarded by the Murate Idea Park team, and the Tracks 4 Crafts Horizon Europe project was officially presented, with Artex as a pilot case in ceramics. Over four years, this project will explore tools and methods to support businesses and transmit Traditional Crafts Knowledge.


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