Tracks4Crafts Multiplier Event at the Alliance Summit in Tuscany

Excitement is building as the Alliance Summit approaches.

Delegates will meet in Tuscany, Italy, on 4 - 5 June 2024 to finalise the outcomes of  SIF 2023  and to set the vision of the Alliance on which SIF 2024 will be based. 

Among the anticipated highlights of this gathering is the much-anticipated multiplier event for Tracks4Crafts, promising to inject fresh vigour into the summit's proceedings.

The Tracks4Crafts project emerges as a beacon, focusing on the transformation and transmission of Traditional Crafts Knowledge (TCK) to foster economic and societal appreciation. This initiative, coordinated by the University of Antwerp and comprising 15 partners from 10 different countries, is funded by Horizon Europe of the European Commission.

The primary objective of Tracks4Crafts (T4C) is to elevate the transmission of traditional crafts knowledge, recognising its potential contribution to economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development. By blending traditional craft techniques with cutting-edge technologies, the project aims to open new dimensions and opportunities for the preservation, restoration, and distribution of cultural goods, while also contributing to ecological sustainability through practices such as short-circuit exchange, re-use, and the use of renewable raw materials, fostering inclusivity in the labour market.

The multiplier event focuses on improving the skill set of the heritage sector workforce, particularly in handcrafts, in order to create new job opportunities and boost the job market.

The Alliance Summit marks a pivotal moment in a collective journey where participants unite to pursue common objectives, focused on enhancing education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Rooted in a shared commitment in co-shaping an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable society, where TVET  represents a pillar for innovation in curricula development and to design the “society of tomorrow”.

For more information, see the event site.

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