Fostering collaboration at the Collective Intelligence Workshop for EU projects in Helsingborg
by 3Walks

On June 12, 2024, the Dunkers Kulturhus, in the Swedish city of Helsingborg, became a hub for collaboration as it hosted the Collective Intelligence Workshop for EU-funded projects. Organized by ECBN/CreativeFED in the framework of the European Creative Economy Conference ECEC2024 and the SACCORD project, the event brought together a group of partners and coordinators of EU projects aimed at developing cultural and creative industries (CCIs) across Europe. The participating projects were: SACCORD, Cyanotypes, CRAFT-IT4SD, PACESETTERS, GreenCCIrcle, Label4Future, AV Growthand Tracks4Crafts.

One of the standout projects at the workshop was the Tracks4Crafts initiative, represented by Jouke Verlinden from the University of Antwerp. Jouke emphasized the crucial role of sustainable practices within the creative industries and offered valuable insights on adapting traditional craftsmanship to modern challenges, thereby enhancing the collaborative efforts.

The primary aim of this workshop was to foster synergies and provide a platform for peer-to-peer learning among the participating projects. The workshop began with a round of presentations, where each project introduced their objectives, key activities, and expected outcomes. This was followed by a discussion around common areas of interest, which encompassed a wide range of topics: skills development, the green, digital, and societal transitions, as democracy, crafts, innovation and knowledge transmission, among others.

In addition to group discussions, there was dedicated time for bilateral conversations among workshop participants. This provided an opportunity for in-depth discussions on specific opportunities for collaboration among their respective projects, allowing for more targeted and practical exchanges.

By facilitating open discussions, interactive sessions, and collaborative activities, the workshop sought to enhance the collective intelligence of the group, enabling participants to share best practices, innovative ideas, and strategic insights to strengthen the impact and sustainability of their respective initiatives. The participants valued this first workshop as a valuable opportunity to connect and expressed strong interest in establishing a roadmap for future meetings and continuous exchange, aiming to build a more cohesive and collaborative network within the cultural and creative industries sector.

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